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Nov-Dec., 1998, Vol. 10, No. 8

League protests bradley at nd

The appointment by Notre Dame University of former U.S. Senator Bill Bradley as a visiting professor this fall spawned a major protest campaign led by the Chicago-based Pro-Life Action League.

The league used planes trailing anti-Bradley banners at Notre Dame football games in its protest against the pro-abortion ex-senator.

The pro-life group urged the Catholic university to rescind its invitation to Bradley. 'Bill Bradley is using Notre Dame,' said Joe Scheidler, the league's director, who is an alumnus and former communications instructor at the school. 'It's no secret he has presidential aspirations. How better to get the Catholic vote? Catholics who don't know any better will say, 'Oh, he must be a good man; he taught at Notre Dame.''
League protests bradley at ND (cont.)

Pro-lifers gain 3 in MD. senate

By Jack Ames

Believe it or not, there were some significant bright spots in the November 3 elections from a pro-life perspective.

Three State Senate seats changed hands, giving our side a potential 24-23 State Senate edge in passing a partial-birth abortion ban.

In each case a pro-lifer, two of whom had never run for public office before, knocked off a pro-abortion incumbent who had voted to kill the partial-birth abortion ban last March in Annapolis. Pro-lifers gain 3 in MD senate (cont.)

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