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Sept.-Oct., 2001, Vol. 13, No. 5

Face The Truth Tour makes impact on Md.

Defend Life's Face the Truth Tour blitz August 7-11 accomplished some important goals. Over five days, at 16 stops across Maryland, Washington, D.C., and parts of Delaware and Virginia, a total of approximately 600 volunteers braved killer August heat, thirst, exhaustion, taunts and obscenities to show their fellow citizens the ugly truth about abortion. An estimated 200,000 people driving by in their cars saw large, graphic photos of aborted babies. By their actions the tour participants broke this unwritten media law: Thou Shalt Not Let the Public See What Abortion Looks Like. “Because there are so many euphemisms for abortion: ‘choice,' ‘reproductive rights,' ‘pregnancy termination,' many people don’t realize that abortion is the direct taking of the life of a preborn baby,” says Defend Life Director Jack Ames. “By showing the pictures, we helped overcome the misconceptions that have been deliberately promulgated by the pro-abortion forces. "A great number of people saw our signs and for the first time have an idea of what abortion is," notes Tour Director Andrea Hussle. “They’ll forget us, but they won’t forget the signs. The next time someone mentions abortion, or they’re called to make a moral choice about abortion, they’ll think of those signs.”


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