President Bush Faces The Truth

The following was received from Pastor Matt Trewhella, of Missionaries to the Preborn from their recent trip to D.C for President Bush's Inauguration.  For more information on their trip, please visit their website at

Dear Friends of the Preborn,

On Friday, January 21st, 2005, the day after the Inauguration, God providentially gave us the opportunity to show President Bush, Vice -president Dick Cheney, Secretary of State Condaleeza Rice, and former president George Bush Sr. & his wife Barbara (the President's parents) the bloody photographs of the murdered preborn! (see photo below)  Here's how it happened:

We arrived at the intersection of Massachusett's Ave. & 34th St. in what is known as Embassy Row.  The embassies of all the foreign countries are located in this stretch.  The Naval Observatory and the Vice-president's house are also located there.  When our bus, furnished by Defend Life
, pulled up with our 45 people on board, we jumped off and began to unload our photographs.  Immediately police arrived and threatened our driver to move on.  We only were able to get about 10 signs off before he left with the cargo hatches still open.  He went about two blocks away where he was again surrounded by police and ordered to leave, but before doing so, we were able to remove another 30 photographs from the bus.

I was questioned by four different levels of law enforcement and Secret Service, and learned from them that an entourage was coming out shortly.  We immediately sent everyone down the road with the photographs, spreading out down the street nearly half-a-mile.  Law enforcement officials were pretty high strung and wanted to know who we were, who we were targeting, and how we knew to be there at that time.  I explained that this had been planned weeks in advance and that we were targeting anyone who happened to be driving by.

As we stood there, helicopters flew overhead, the name 'Missionaries to the Preborn' was being talked about on every walkie-talkie in earshot, and we were declared by law enforcement to "appear to be peaceful."  Moments later out came the entourage, and it was none other than the President himself!  Then came the Vice -president minutes later, then George Sr. & Barbara Bush, and finally Condaleeza Rice!  We were the only ones on this quiet tree-lined street as traffic had been closed down.  All of them drove by with nothing to see but us and our photographs for nearly half a mile!  The main photo we had over and over again was "God Bless America?" with a large picture of a baby slaughtered by abortion.

Not only this, but the truth truck we had running with us for the three days we were in Washington, DC was the first vehicle stopped by police coming from the other direction before the entourage came out.  Therefore when the entourage came out, the very first thing they saw was a billboard-size photograph of a baby killed by abortion with the word real large - "Abortion" and a large Scripture verse at the top which said - "The Lord hates...hands that shed innocent blood."    Of all the vehicles for the police to stop first, they stopped our truth truck as hundreds of vehicles were backed up behind it!   The men in the truck saw Bush look directly at it as he drove by.

Never could we have orchestrated such events.  The Lord obviously wanted these powerful people to see the pictures.  He must have a purpose for bringing about what happened.  We were humbled to be used in the process and prayed earnestly afterwards that the Lord would use it for whatever purpose He had for bringing it about.  We asked the Lord to put an intent in Bush's heart to take action on behalf of the preborn and use his position of power in a righteous manner.  Please join us in prayer to this end also.

On Thursday, the day of the Inaugural, the security around the President was immense and access to him prevented.  Yet the very next day, the Lord lays him in our lap and gives us a personal audience with him on behalf of the preborn.  We still stand amazed. 

I will send a report out soon detailing some of the rest of our trip out to DC.

May the Lamb that was slain receive the reward of His suffering!

Separated unto the Gospel,
Pastor Matt Trewhella

President Bush turns left right where the truth truck is stopped.

President Bush drives past our photographs for nearly half a mile.