Pregnancy Support


America is a very visual society. That's why we use these banners that are available from The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform.  Because of the media and academia blackout of abortion, a large percentage of Americans are still clueless as to what abortion really is. At one of our recent displays in Washington, D.C; an international lawyer with 2 law degrees looked at our display in disbelief, then called a friend on his cell phone telling his friend to "get the heck over to Farragut Square, you won't believe what I am looking at."

Defend Life typically displays these powerful banners every Friday afternoon from 3 to 5 PM at an extremely busy location in Washington, D.C. in close proximity to a Metro Station.  For exact locations, check our Upcoming Events page, email or call us at 202-337-1966.  We call this effort WARRIORS FOR LIFE and we warmly welcome persons who are opposed to abortion to join with us in this WAR against the CULTURE of DEATH.




Defend Life can also bring these 12 banners at no expense to college campuses within a 150 mile radius of Washington, D.C.  Call 240-876-1034 or contact us at

Here are the rest of our banners.  Each one of these professionally made 8 foot wide by 4 foot high vinyl banners is mounted on a light weight aluminum frame. They stand about 3 feet above the ground and we attach one banner to another.  Often we arrange them in a huge 32 foot diameter circle.

If you want to be the most significant group on your campus, invite  DEFEND LIFE to bring this impressive set of signs to your college or university.  Your campus will never be the same!!!